Week 1 - 27/01/10
When I started the class the teacher explained about this subject and what we had to do. Journaling is one of the thing that we were being graded on. My group and i had to think about what topic we should research about. She told us about DLSOPE which stands for defining, locating, selecting, organising, presenting, evaluating.

Week 2 - 02/02/10
My group ( Vuong, Ben, Darren, Chris, Onn, Rohan and I) are doing help for haiti and are going to raise money towards the cause. We have just started doing research on organisations that help Haiti.

An image of one of many photos of the major disasters in Haiti.


Week 3 - 08/02/10
The teacher started talking about Google, the Wonder Wheel and other features that help us in our research. She started talking about how to use the Harvard bibliography and showed us how we could locate it on the school intranet. It is important to acknowledge other people's work and not plagiarize it.Darren and Chris showed us how to use web inspirations which
Ms. McInnes explained how useful brainstorming and discussing ideas on a concept map can be.
Link to web inspiration: http://www.mywebspiration.com
Week 4
Everyone in our group has a task to do. My task is contacting somone from an organisation.
Mr Noble told us how to successfully do a investigation and step that we have to get to get a good result.
Our fundraising page is :http://www.mercycorps.org/fundraising/whshelpshaiti which vuong made.

Before and after images of the presidential palace of the Haiti Disasters, images of the Presidential Palace.haiti-presendental-palace-before-earthquake.jpg


Week 5
I was unable to attend for two of the lessons this week due to absence, but after talking to my group ben had updated me on where we were at and what i had to do. I had decided to contact someone from an organisation that helps haiti early next week and then interview them either over the phone or via email.

Link to a journalist in the Haiti disasters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f2av2YCjKo

Week 6
Ms McInnes spoke to us about EBSCO host, which is a search engine which will help us a lot with our research. She informed us on the way we needed to promote helping haiti and explained to us what we needed to do to set our current goals for this week which included fundraises and contacts we needed to make. I have started to contact someone and i am waiting on my reply, so that i can interview them and get vital information from someone who has first hand expirence on the topic.

Our member Chris Chau has made a progression of our tasks.


Week 7
I got an email back from Médecins Sans Frontières after i contacted them in week 6. They told me that they will get someone to talk to me as soon as possible. They will write back to me as soon as possible. They thanked me for supporting Haiti and its people like our group that make their organisation possible.
If anyone wants to have a look at the email on my wikispace for themselves, here is the link;

This week we took a toutorial that shows us how to judge websites if they are fake or real.
The way i would tell if a website is credible and good for use is:
• If the website contained dates of when it was last updated or a specific date of when it was published, if the website is recent.
• By basically reading all of the information and using common sence to decide if its at all making sence.
• Checking if the links the website provides all work correctly.
• Check if the website states clearly the qualifications of the person or people that made it.
• I ask myself the main questions which are; Who? What? Where? Why? How? which will help me in my decisions to making sure the website is authentic and possible for use in our studys on helping haiti or overall anything i need it for.


Week 8
My group and i had had a fantastic start off to the week due to the visit from Ms. Edwards. She had heard about our group and what we were aiming to achieve and she found it interesting so personally came down to our group during our lesson in her own spare time. We showed her our wiki pages and what we were doing and she was most impressed. I believe that Ms. Edwards visit has motivated me even more to achieve our group's goals and make it all a success.
Benji and I went to the Dance, Drama and Music teachers to talk about the concert.
Ms Probert (dance teacher) said it was a wonderful idea and is glad to help. She said that she can have 30min of dancing for the concert.
Ms Conlin (drama teacher) said she will help and can provide 20min of drama. She also said that she could get a comedian because she has connections and knows a few people.
Mr Bikley (music teacher) said it is possible but I have to write a letter to the music staff and they will decide if they are willing to do it.

Our Interview Questions are:

1. How are you associated with the Haiti crisis?

2. How has your association benefited victims?

3. Who is assisting your organisation?

4. What can people do to help your organisation?

5. How long will you be there for?

6. What qualifications do you need to do to be part of this organisation?

7. Is there any way that we can help other than money?

8. How long do you think when the crisis will be over?

9. What are your thoughts about the crisis?

10. Will Haiti ever be the same?

Our current fundraising ideas are:
The concert:
Dance - We have confirmed the dance side of the concert.
Drama - We are currently in the process of confirming the drama part of the concert.
Music - We are planning to write a letter to the staff so that they can organise it.
Raffle - We might buy an iPod and maybe get other people to donate items.
Car Wash - Make sure that everyone agrees with the idea.
Wristbands - The price is the issue and how we will pay for it.

Week 9
Benjamin and i had given a letter to the music teachers containing requests for the students to participate in the concert fundraiser we are holding in the middle weeks of term 2. We are waiting for their approval and when we get it, thats when we would be making the final plans for our concert.

Week 10
Ben and i went to go see Ms Scott on Tuesday and she was fine with the idea of us fund-raising the money.
Here are some points of what we have talked during the interview:
The raffle had been a great idea. We would sell each raffle ticket for the price of $2 each or 4 for $5. We were to make sure we would sell the tickets before the raffle.
The raffle be drawn at the concert.
The dates of the concert.
Us having concert week 5 Tuesday.
The advertisement of the concert.
The school would provide us with the cash flow.

Week 11
The class had finally got back from the school holidays and it was time to think about the next step we needed to take to complete this project successfully. My job was to make an input with all of the concert. I spoke to the group and we were deciding on what we were going to do next since we had less than half the time left of since which the project had started and we needed to organize our selves if we were going to complete this project successfully.

Week 12
Ben and i went around to the music, drama and dance classes to check if they were keen on participating in our concert. Dance were the first we went to see and they said that they were more than happy to participate. We spoke to Ms Probert about how many performances were enough and if we were interested in any particular styles, and we sorted it all out. Next was drama, we explained that we really wanted drama to participate in our concert, and after having a talk to Ms Conlin, she had the idea of a comedy theme in our concert, and she was to organize a short play, performed by her year 9 class. Last was music, from which we got no reply from because they were too busy to talk at the time and had asked us to come back another time.

Week 13
It is finally getting busier and busier and now i am really starting to feel the pressure. I am stressing because i am hoping that everything goes to plan and we raise enough money for Haiti. Ben and i made sure that the dance, drama and music were to perform at our concert which is to commence on Tuesday week 5. Two dance classes were ready to perform at the concert and drama were ready to go also. Music said they were only to perform 10 minutes worth of music, but that was okay. Voung had made the posters to advertise out concert and raffle tickets that were being sold and took the liberty of sticking them up all over the school.
The photos of the posters are displayed underneath as shows.


Week 14

The timetable for the dance concert was officially made. There is going to be three dance performances, two drama and a few music performances. This week was really busy, due to the organizing of the concert. I am doing my best to do my part as best as i can, so that the concert turns out literally perfect! We bought the raffle tickets and we have 400 tickets to sell. The prices are still as we decided a couple of weeks ago and they were to sell for $2 each or 4 for $5. $143 has been raised in three days. I was a big help in the selling of the raffle tickets. I went from class to class informing people about what we were trying to do, and advertising the ipod nano we were prepared to put up as the prize for the winner of the raffle. I managed to sell about 40 tickets in just one double lesson. Even though the raffle tickets were on sale in the canteen and they were advertised all over the school, many of the students did not even know about the concert, the raffle or our project which was to help Haiti.

Week 15
The concert was a great success! We raised a good amount of money. The performances were amazing! I loved the dance performances the most, followed by the music than the dance. I was surprised at how entertaining the music part of the concert was. They tend to always bore me in the assemblies but they did a terrific job and it was a fantastic effort. The drama did really well also. The setting up of the concert was not easy, without the help of everybody in the group, it would not have been possible for it to be the success it turned out to be. Chris and Darren did a fantastic job, with the lighting and the music, it was a job really well done! The raffle topped off the great concert at the end with Kevin Chung, being the winner of the iPod Nano and two teachers won the $5 canteen vouchers. We have raised $400 all together and we are donating to our Mercy Corps fundraising page.

Here is a graph from our fundraising in the week.
Week 16
This weekend we are filming for our presentation coming up next Tuesday. The group will all be filming at Darren's house. Our job for this week is to write our own scripts and rehearse them before we get recorded. Voung volunteered to edit the video and we will all help in the recording of the video. In my part of the video, i really want to express myself and let the viewers know how much knowledge i gained from taking part in the research project and what a success it was. Ms McCinnes was a great teacher and really helped us a lot when the help was needed. Doing the Research Project again next year will be a breeze since i basically know what to do already, and have had first hand experience from doing it.

Week 17
We have successfully finished our presentation and have successfully presented it to the class. The audio was a little bad but it was a good video overall. The other students in the class who viewed the video gave us good marks and said it was really good overall. Most people that watched it said that we deserve at least a 9/10 for it. It was a good feeling to finally finish the presentation and in the end it was as successful as i hoped it to be. We also finally got the response from a primary resource, Jack Reynolds from Free the Kids . You can take a look at it at Vuong's page (AirSok helps haiti).

Week 18
This is the final week of the Research Project and near the end of semester. In the Research Project, we are up to the evaluation part of it.

- As part of our evaluation, each person had to evaluate themselves using the six coloured hats.
This is what I've done:

Six Colours, Six Hats

Red Hat - Emotions
The emotions I felt during the research project were stress, happiness, anxiety, organized, panic, belonging and important.

Yellow Hat – Good Points
I believe that the topic our group chose was a great success and was truly worth doing. Our fundraisers worked great due to the organization and efficient communication with staff and students. We raised $400 for Mercy Corps and plan to donate it to them through the school.

Black Hat – Bad Points
Some bad points to our project was that we left a lot of things to the last couple of weeks instead of pacing ourselves over the whole semester we did Research Project and some of our fundraising ideas did not go to plan due to lack of time and other minor problems. Another problem was that, there was an assembly that was held just before our concert at the last minute and they moved our equipment around which made it difficult to set up.

Green Hat – Creativity
We came up with many creative ideas for our fundraiser such as raffle, concert, car wash, wristbands and badges. Due to lack of time, we were unable to organize them all, and only did the concert and raffle because in our opinions, it was the best ideas.

White Hat – Information
Before we had started our funraising, we needed to seek and find information about our topic. To help us, we had four guiding questions the group chose which helped us find the information that was needed.

Blue Hat – Organisation of thinking
I believe the decisions we made during this project were the right ones because of the great successful result they brought us.
Our decisions and thinking methods enabled us to work terrifically as a group with the students and staff which helped make the whole project so successful with no regrets.

Overall i thought it was an extremely great experience. I gained so much useful knowledge and information from this task that i will use in the future. The stressfulness of our topic made this project the all more enjoyable. It was great participating in it and it was truly an amazing experience to work with the great minds of the other people in my group that i got the pleasure to work with. With the effort each person in our group put in, we managed to collect $400 and donated it all to the Haiti Victims, which achieved our main goal from the beginning of this project. We truly did make this world a little bit better.

Check Out Our Group Wiki - http://whs-haiti.wikispaces.com/Group+wiki-helping+haiti
Check Out Our fundraising page; :http://www.mercycorps.org/fundraising/whshelpshaiti