Week 1.
Ms. Mcinnes was unfortunely away today but we had a relief teacher who introduced us to the class and became farmilar with what The Research Project was about. He explained with us the methods of researching by handing out sheets to us, we were then asked to either join a group on choosing a topic or to work alone. I chose to work with nikki.
Week 2.
We were now learning how to make our own Wikispace pages and how to become farmiliar with our chosen topic for our presentation. When Ms.Mcinnes told us to choose a topic, it wasn't hard for me to come up with an idea. Most my life i had love to cook and always wanted to become familar in the baking business so i chose how to run a small baking business. It was complicated at first finding the right infomation especially from the internet but luckily Nikki chose the same topic except on Hairdressing which made it easier as we worked together to find what we need.
Ms. Mcinnes also explained to us the DLSOPE( Defining,Locating,Selecting,Organising,Presenting and Evaluating) method of how to research.
It was good a good piece of infomation for me to adknowledge due to being new to all The Research Project studies.
Week 3.
My wiki page was not going the way i thought, I'd been away a bit and was very behind the rest of the class. I decided to do the smart thing and ask Ms. Mcinnes who got me back on track and helped me understand more. We were then taught how to use the WonderWheel tool on google, which was a good a lesson for me. Ms. Mccines then gave us sheets about "Plaigarism" which i have learnt many times before and know that it is a serious matter and is not tolerated. I didnt know however some of the consiquences for "Plaigarism" which was interesting to hear. We then got a sheet that showed us what we were going to be assessed on. I walked out of Ms Mccines class today feeling smarter because learning more things means knowing more things.
Week 4.
Ms McInnes took us to the libary today to listen to a lecture by Mr Noble who gave us a great speech about how to manage our research project step by step. he then asked the class what topics we were all doing so he could see if it was a reasonable topic with enough amount of research.
After the following Mr Noble gave us a sheet called "Blooms Taxonomy" which was too become familiar with ourselves on six levels of thinking.
Mr Noble gave good advice and offered a great amount of understanding our research more.
Week 5.