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Week 1

When I came to this class the teacher explained about the subject and what we had to do and journaling is one of the parts. We also had to think about what topic we should research on. She told us about DLSOPE which stands for defining, locating, selecting, organising, presenting, evaluating.

Week 2

Our group has decided to help raise money for Haiti. In our group there is me, Anel, Chris, Vuong, Darren, Rohan, Onn. We have just stared to research about organisations that help Haiti and what they need.

Week 3

The teacher started talking about the wonder wheel, other features of Google and talking about how to use the Harvard bibliography and showed us how find it on the school intranet. It is important to recognize and acknowledge other people's work and not plagiarize. Darren and Chris showed us how to use web inspirations which
Ms. McInnes explained how useful brainstorming and discussing ideas on a concept map can be.
Link to web inspiration:

Week 4

Everyone in our group has a task to do. My task is fundraising and organising. If you look at chris helps haiti you can see the other jobs that other people in our group have.FLOWCHART_CHAU.jpg
Mr Noble told us how to successfully do a investigation and step that we have to get to get a good result.
page is : which Vuong made.
  • The main thing that I have achieved is the task I have to do.
  • My goal is to a successful fundraising plan.
  • Learning more about researching and planning.
  • The school internet I don't like because it's slow and lags which means you cant do much work in a lesson.
  • Everyone has a job to do so no one is slacking off.
Ms. McInnes gave us a worksheet referring to Bloom's Taxonomy to help us learn the six levels of learning.

Week 5

I have started my fundraising scheme. I have stared writing a purposal. We are going to have a concert (gold coin donation). We are still asking dance/music teachers ans students if they can perform. We have started with the interview questions.
We contacted the music teachers but they said they can only hava performance in mid year.

Week 6

Ms McInnes was help us with our fundraising and organising. She said to think big and spread the word around.
We finally got ENSCO Host which can help everyone search up to date information from news article, videos, etc.
We have contacted Medecins Sans FrontieresAustralia and waiting on a response, we have stared planning for the video project. Promoting Haiti in our school has begun. Fundraising ideas and plans have started.

Here is a detailed flowchart of my part for the group which is fundraising and organising. You will see what I have done and my future plans. I didn't go to the end because I still don't know if this plan will go ahead as soon as I done this part I will update the flowchart.


Our group member Chris Chau has made a progression of our tasks.


Here are our interview questions:

1. How are you associated with the Haiti crisis?

2. How has your association benefited victims?

3. Who is assisting your organisation?

4. What can people do to help your organisation?

5. How long will you be there for?

6. What qualifications do you need to do to be part of this organisation?

7. Is there any way that we can help other than money?

8. How long do you think when the crisis will be over?

9. What are your thoughts about the crisis?

10. Will Haiti ever be the same?

Week 7

Ms McInnes showed us a website to show if a website is credible or not.
Five things I learned if a site is credible are
- To check when it was last updated? Is the author credible? When was the publication date?
- Ask your self Who? What? Why? When? How? which will help you in deciding if the website credible.
- Read through the page to see if it's not biased.
- If the website is easy to navigate. Make sure that there are no ads in the website.
- Check the url if it had and .edu or .org it is more credible than .com.

We have received an email back from Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia. They said that they will get someone to contact us.

We can't have a casual day because we can only have one per term and they already chose the organisations of where they going to donate.

Week 8

This week was a great week because the fundraising is starting to become a reality.

Ms Edwards came and we started talking about our fundraising ideas and Haiti. She said the school can only have a number of fundraisers per year because the financial adviser has to know about the fundraising and if we can do the fundrasing. I booked an appointment with her to see if it is possible. Sadly she was very busy and had meetings so I had to reschedule to another day.

Anel and I went to the Dance, Drama and Music teachers to talk about the concert.
Ms Probert (dance teacher) said it was a wonderful idea and is glad to help. She said that she can have 30min of dancing for the concert.
Ms Conlin (drama teacher) said she will help and can provide 20min of drama. She also said that she could get a comedian because she has connections and knows a few people.
Mr Bikley (music teacher) said it is possible but I have to write a letter to the music staff and they will decide if they are willing to do it.

Our current fundraising ideas are:
The concert - Dance:yes. Drama:yes. Music:maybe. Make sure that we book the hall.
Raffle - We buy an iPod and maybe get other people to donate items.
Car Wash - Make sure that everyone agrees with the idea.
Wristbands - Unclear if we will purchase the wristbands.

My annotated bibliography from EBSCO Host

5 articles from the EBSCO Host website, which relate to Haiti:

//Obama// doles out cash

This article is about how 10 charities will receive a portion of $US 1.4 million from US President Barack Obama.
I chose this article because it shows how a president is helping Haiti by giving a big amount of money to charities which they would use the money to help Haiti victims who are in need of help.

Students help out Haiti

This article is about how Lake Joondalup Baptist College fundraised money which they sent to Haitians.
I chose this article because it’s an example how a school is helping Haiti in this tough time and that students were involved in organising and making this fundraiser.

Haiti asks US for $15//bn// aid package

This article is about how the President of Haiti wants $US14 billion aid package to rebuild Port-au-Prince and to become a marvelous city with housing.
I chose this article because it shows that the president of Haiti is thinking about the long term and its people. It tells the whole world how much money is needed to rebuild one city and that donations are needed.

Hand-decorated dolls for orphans

This article is about how Earlwood Public School students decorated dolls which they would send to an orphanage in Haiti.
I chose this article because not only they need money but they also need other items that adults and children want like dolls for the children to have some form of entertainment.

//Telethons// net $//73//M //for// //Haiti//

This article is about how the telethon for Haiti has raised $US73 million. I chose this article because famous celebrities were helping in telethon by answering calls which attracted people to call and donate. It tells me that even celebrities will do anything to help the Haitians and they donate a lot of money from which they earned from their careers.

Week 9

Anel and I gave a letter to the music teachers to ask if they can have some of their students to perform in the concert. Now we are wating for a response.
Don't give up yet, here is a recent article that you might want to discuss.

Week 10

I have to talked to Ms Scott on Tuesday. She said it would be fine to fundraise money so there is no problem.
Here are some points of what we have talked during the interview:
Raffle is a perfect idea buy tickets for $2 each and 3 tickets for $5.
Sell before buying the iPod
check date for concert- dance and drama
2-3 for having the raffle
having concert week 5 Tuesday
signs and posters
they will provide us a cash flow

Week 11
This term is going to be busier week by week because i have to prepare the concert which is a hard task to do. I just started to think what i had to do.

Week 12

I went around the music, dance, drama to double check if they are able to the concert. So far I have drama, one class of dance and no response of music.

Week 13

It's getting busier and its crunch time. By the end of this week i have to make sure that all teachers know and are ready to perform. Posters have been printed out about the raffle.
I have 2 classes of dance ready to perform, the drama class and finally i got a response fromm music which they said they can perform 10 min of music.
Rohan tried to get contact with Ms Edwards for the prize.
Vuong has made posters for the concert and the raffle tickets and we stuck tehm around school.

Week 14

I have been making my timetable for the concert. There is going to be three dance performances, two drama and a few music performances. It been really busy because it all has to be organised. I bought the raffle tickets and we have 400 tickets to sell. $2 for one ticket and 4 tickets for $5. $143 has been raised in three days
Vuong is still needs to edit the video and he will then put it on YouTube.
The presentation draft is written.

Week 15

The concert was a big success where we have raised money from it also from the raffle tickets.
The performances were fantastic.
Kevin Chung won the iPod Nano, two teachers won the $5 canteen vouchers.
We have raised $400 all together and we are donating to our Mercy Corps fundraising page.

Here is a graph from our fundraising in the week. (Made by Vuong Nguyen)money_graph.jpg

Week 16

This weekend we are filming for our presentation on Tuesday.
Vuong is going to edit the video.
Video Presentation has been finished now writing script.

Week 17

We have finished our presentation to the class. We have got good marks from our peers.
We finally got the response from a primary resource, Jack Reynolds from Free the Kids . you can take a look at it at Vuong's page (AirSok helps Haiti).

Week 18

This is the final week of the research project and we are up to the evaluation part.
We had to do the 5 thinking hats for part of our evaluation. These are mine:

Red Hat
The emotions I felt during the research project was stress, happiness and nervous.

Yellow Hat
Helping Haiti was worth the effort because they needed money and help from people around the help. Even thought we raised 400 it can go a long way in helping a family or two. It was fun making the concert and turned out well over all.

Black Hat
The bad points were the price of the raffle tickets because not many people wanted to pay $2 for a ticket. Mr Partington didn’t notice that the hall was booked for lunch and the pathways in the hall took a bit of our concert time in lunch.

Green Hat
We were creative with our fundraising ideas because we had so many different ideas to raise money but we only did 2 which were the raffle and the concert. We did purpose a casual day, car wash and selling wristbands.

White Hat
We had to find information of Haiti so we had some background knowledge of Haiti and what it needs. We had guiding 4 questions which helped us with our project. These were:
How can we help?
What charity do we donate to?
Who can help us?
What do the residents of Haiti need in the long run?

Blue Hat
In the end of the project we made the right choices and it has showed off in our videos and our concert. Our decisions and thinking process were really good which helped us talked to teachers and students with ease and helped us raise money for Haiti.