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Week 1. January 25th-29th 2010
  • Introduced to subject
  • learnt about wiki
  • Learnt about Deciding, Locating, Selecting, Organising, Presenting, Evaluating ( Dlsope)
  • i didnt achieve that much this week because i didnt find out a topic so we couldnt do much
Week 2. February 1th-5th 2010
  • created wiki space account
  • joint a group with seaton, mandeep,
  • created wiki space page www.mywebinspiration.com to Help with planing what i am going to do. And learn't how to use it
  • Figured out what our group is going to research. corruption of the utopian ideology

Week 3. February 8th-12th 2010
  • learnt how to use wonder wheel
  • learnt how to use student web 2
  • visted http://www.reasons-for-war-with-iraq.info/ to find out why the war started
  • learnt about mywebspiration
  • Changed research subject to nuclear waste in Australia. because the preivous research topic could go on forever and things happened everyday so we had to edit everyday so that topic was to diffcult.

Week 4. February 15th-19th 2010
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Week 5. February 22th-26th 2010

  1. Why is thier nuclear waste?
  2. Why do we need nuclear power?
  3. Why dont we use coal?
  4. Why do we need power at first?

Week 6. March 1th-5th 2010

a great way to get current news on any topic
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  • We are going to survey 5people per age group starting from under 20's, 21-40, 41-60 and 61+ and try to get 2-3 females interviewed and males in each age group. And it is to hard for us to get a primary resource for our topic. So these results will end up being our primary resource.
  • Suvery Question
  1. Is nuclear waste a global issue?
  2. How do they dispose of nuclear waste?
  3. What is nuclear waste?
  4. How is it produced?
  5. Where is the best place to dispose of nuclear waste? Why?
  6. Should one nation take all the nuclear waste? Why?

Week 7. March 8th-12th 2010
  • Changed Hypothesis from nuclear waste if a global issue to underground nuclear waste storage is a safe solution
  • My Goal this week is to found some articles on nuclear waste on EBSCO that will help me with my research topic
  1. Nuclear waste stored in Darwin hospital room Australia is storing thier nuclear waste in a basement of a darwin hospital room
  2. NT: //**Nuclear**// //**waste**// is being stored in filing cabinets: Minister Nuclear waste is being stored in filing cabinets in hostipals and univeristy all around Australia untill they find a permant place for the nuclear waste.
  3. $12m compo for NT nuke dump could rise This article tells us were they are going to put the nuclear waste and giving the money to the people who are living in that area
  4. NT could get //**nuclear**// dump next week: ACF This articles tells us were the most likely nuclear waste dump site in going to be.
  5. Rudd to build //**nuclear**// //**waste**// dump on Aboriginal land in NT They are making nuclear waste dumps on traditional Aboriginal-owned land because it is away from the cities
Week 8. March 15-19th2010

  • This week my goal is to finish and tidy my wiki page up so it is ready to be marked.
  • Finished survey questions
  • got 5Ebsco articles
  • Finished guided questions
  • finished journal

Week 9. 22nd- 26th 2010

Week 10. 29th-2nd 2010
  • My goal this week is to start the power point presentation
  • started power point presentation and orgranized where we are going to put the information
  • found a picture for the background of our assignment
Week 11. 20th-23rd 2010
  • contuined powerpoint presentation
  • Added Seatons and Mandeeps information into the powerpoint and took their ideas in

Week 12. 27th-30th 2010
  • My goal this week is to contuine finshing the power point
  • Went to see a teacher at the libary to help with our power point presentation
  • Went to see a teacher at the libary to help with our power point presentation
  • Half finished power point presentation and got recent information on this topic

Week 13. 3rd-7th 2010
  • My goal this week is to find more information on this top
  • Borrowed a book from the libary
  • Ask Seaton and Mandeep if they had any new information

Week 14. 10th-14th 2010
  • My goal this week is to read the Email's that seaton got from the people and put them into the power point presentation
  • Made 2 extra slides with the new information from the Emails and put some information in from the book that i borrowed from the libary
  • Recived 2Emails from two people out of 5people and analylized them and seeing if any of the information we got from them is useful for us.

Week 15. 17th-21th 2010.
  • My goal this week is to finish of the powerpoint
  • Fixed up the presentation and timed it to see how long it was roughly 4minutes long.
  • Information that we got from our primary source didnt really help us.

Week 16. 24th-28th 2010
  • My goal this week is to present our power point presentation as best as i can.
Week 17. 31th-4th 2010

Six Thinking hats:
White hat- We collected the information from alot of sites such as http://www.nuclearwastenews.com/

Red hat- I think that our group didnt wont to present first because they were to scared plus seaton reckoned we wernt ready to go even though when we went up we didnt really add that much information to the slide which wouldnt have changed our grades.