Important - be aware that these resources were built referring to the 2010 draft subject outline which will be re-published for use in 2011 in October of this year. If familiar with the previous draft, note that there are changes to

  • the Assessment Types,

  • the Assessment Design Criteria and

  • Performance Standards

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This course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Stage 2 Research Project in the new SACE.
To view resources more specifically developed for the Research Project itslef, click here.
ALL students must complete a Stage 2 Research Project, worth 10 credits.
You must achieve a C or better (C, B, or A) in this subject to obtain your SACE certificate.
You can choose if you want to use your result in this subject to apply for university.

The course will help you to:
  • understand the process of undertaking research
  • develop research and other skills required for the Stage 2 Research Project
  • understand the requirements of the Stage 2 Research Project
  • acquire the vocabulary and language of research, reflection and evaluation

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Course introduction

  1. Record your progress in a digital Research Journal
  2. Set up and maintain a Portfolio - a digital folder to store your completed exercises and other evidence of learning.
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Show only topic 1


How the research process works.

The process of undertaking research always begins with an information need. Think about times when you have needed some information.
Doing research is something we do all the time, not just at school. Exercise 1 also shows you that research involves asking and answering questions, working out what you need to know before you do anything, careful planning and decision making.

These skills of planning, finding, and selecting the right information for your purpose are part of the Research Process, which also works for all your school research assignments and which is very important for the Stage 2 Research Project

Research is not always straightforward. Look at the flow chart, think about what you do during research and complete Exercise 2.

There are many different online courses to help you learn more about the Research Process. Review at least 2 of the listed online courses for Exercise 3.

There are many different individual skills involved at different stages of the Research Process; not all of them about finding information, as you will find in Exercise 4.

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Show only topic 2

i ==Research skills in the Stage 2 Research Project==
In the Stage 2 Research Project you are expected to use a Research Framework, which is a variation on the Research Process that you have just learnt about. The different assessment types in this subject also match this framework and process as the diagram below shows.
Research Process SACE Research Project Framework Research Project Assessment types
Initiating, Planning and managing the Research
Assessment Type Folio -i Research proposal
Doing the research
Planning and managing the Research
Ongoing evaluation
Assessment Type Folio – ii Research Development
Assessment Type Folio – Discussion/s
Communicating the Findings
Assessment Type 2 - Research Outcomes
Assessment Type 3 - Evaluation
  • Initiating and planning is important at the beginning of any project, but planning and management will continue throughout.
  • Reflection and evaluation must happen throughout the process as this will supply the raw material for the final Evaluation i.e. keep a research journal and record all evidence of learning. This final assessment task of Evaluation will be marked by the SACE Board and counts for 30% of your final grade.
This course is designed to prepare you for the Stage 2 Research Project. You are expected to put into practice what you learn by completing the ‘Safety and you’ research task at the end of this course. ||
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Show only topic 3


Other skills for the Research Project

Initiating, planning and managing the Research

You will work much more efficiently and effectively if you spend time planning your research and making sure that your information meets the task requirements.
Planning is one of the assessment criteria in the Stage 2 Research Project The specific features are:
  • identification and consideration of a research topic
  • planning of research processes appropriate to the topic
  • management of the research project
How will you demonstrate your planning and resourcefulness throughout the Research Project? Exercise 5
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Show only topic 4


Skills Exercise

This exercise is designed to give you some practice in using some on-line research processes. You will learn about reflecting and being critical about your own work and about the information you find and the processes used to find it.
There are no right or wrong answers.

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Show only topic 5


Practice research task

This task will guide you through a "mini Research Project" around a limited choice of topics.
You will have to show how you develop your final topic and then make decisions about
  • how you develop your topic
  • how you plan and then carry out the research
  • how you record your research efforts
  • how you interact with others
  • how you will present your findings
You will also have to reflect on and evaluate the research skills you have learnt and the value of what you learnt about your topic.