Week One -----------> 27th January - 29th January
- In week one I have found out what this research project is all about.I learnt the purpose of this project and also what I was alowed to reasearch about. Besides that I also learnt about the 6 steps of RBL:
D: Defining
L: Locating
S: Selecting
O: Organising
P: Presenting
E: Evaluation
The DLSOPE was very helpful to me because it helped me know where I should start this project.

Week Two -------------> 1st February - 5th Feberuary
At this point, I am starting to choose what I would want to research about. I have kept my options wide open. I looked at many different topics to research about including the Bollywood industry, What technology has done to the world?, The computer addiction and many more. However after doing a fair bit of research and talking to a few people I know, I have decided to do my project Shopping Online and whether or not the world will go
shopless in time to come. on
Week Three-------------> 8th February - 12th February
In week three I have learnt a few new skills that could help me in this project.I learnt how to use the wonder wheel feature on google and the web inspiration website(www.mywebinspiration.com) that helped me make a mind map. Using the mind map I have figured that I have a lot of sub topics that I could research about for example:
- Will online shopping feel the same as shopping in an actual shop?
- What do most people prefer? online shopping/ real shopping?
- Is it easier and safer to shop online?
- Is the world going to shopless in time to come?/ is everything going to be sold over websites like ebay?
- Does online shopping mean everyone has to have internet at home?

Week Four------------->15th February - 19th February
I have made a hypothesis for my research project topic, which is ONLINE SHOPPING WILL LEAD TO A SHOPLESS WORLD. I have figured that I am going to do a power point presentation on my topic. On the 16th of February, Mr,Noble (the library teacher), has brief us through some of the questions we could research on our topic. Besides that he also thought us on how to make short and anwserable questions for an interview. I have also found out the definition of shopping online: Buying and selling products over the internet.

Shopping Online cartoon

shopping online cartoons, shopping online cartoon, shopping online picture, shopping online pictures, shopping online image, shopping online images, shopping online illustration, shopping online illustrations
shopping online cartoons, shopping online cartoon, shopping online picture, shopping online pictures, shopping online image, shopping online images, shopping online illustration, shopping online illustrations

Week Five ------------->22nd February - 26th February
In this week Ms.mcinnes taught us how to research online using the right key words. That helped me alot with my reasearch on my topic. This week, I basically strated answering all my sub questions and getting an idea of what my project is going to be like, I am currently answering my 2nd sub question. Answering these question tells me where im heading in my reasearch. Besides that I have also learnt alot of extra features on my wiki page. I now know how to upload pictures on the wiki. At this point of time I think my reasearch is going smooth and just the way I want it to go.

Interview Questions:
1. How does this online service work?
2. Do you have customers all around Australia?
3. What is the average number of people that use this website in a month,is it incresing eevery month?
4. How would you upgrade this business in the future?
5. What kind of items do you sell?
6. How has this business grown?
7. How do you promote yourself so that more people know you?
8. Are you getting more and more long term customers?

external image onlineshopping.jpgexternal image online_shopping.jpg

Week Six------------->01st March - 05st March
This week, the new feature EBSCO was added to our school intranet. This feature helped me get more updated and relevant reasearch about my reasearch topic. Currently I am making up interview questions to ask the person i am going to interview someone from the online shopping centre, Banana Blue. Besides that, in this week we had to find five articles on our research topic and write about them. I found five very interesting things about online shopping on this amazing programme. It gives you the latest new on online shopping.

Ebsco Host Link

external image InterfaceLogos.jpg

Email and phone number of the company I will be interviewing
1300 304 348

Five ways of evalutaing a good website:
1. Is it somebody's personal page?
2. When was it last updated? Is it current enough?
3. Who published it?
4. Where did the author get the information?
5. The most reliable website is the websites that have gov, and inc at the back of it.

shopping online cartoons, shopping online cartoon, shopping online picture, shopping online pictures, shopping online image, shopping online images, shopping online illustration, shopping online illustrations
shopping online cartoons, shopping online cartoon, shopping online picture, shopping online pictures, shopping online image, shopping online images, shopping online illustration, shopping online illustrations

Week Seven------------->8th March- 12th March
On this week I was hardly in class because I had to go to the hospital and the school had an excursion. However at home I started making my research questions and I updated my wiki page with more information. Besides that I also tried ringing up the Banana Blue Company but they put me on hold for a very long time, so i just gave up and started summarizing my articles on online shopping. Here is the link to an extremely good website I visited : http://www.onguardonline.gov/topics/online-shopping.aspx


1. Article one: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=3&hid=3&sid=47c4ed03-dbcf-432e-819e-f101cf1fa99d%40sessionmgr10&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=anh&AN=48492844

I liked this article very much because it was talking about how fast a business can sell online. It is related to one of my reasearch questions which asks, do people actually use the internet to buy things?, and clearly the answer to my research question is stated in this article. This article also tells me that, the more things you offer and sell online the more people want to look at it and go for it.

2. Article two: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=5&hid=3&sid=47c4ed03-dbcf-432e-819e-f101cf1fa99d%40sessionmgr10&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=anh&AN=201003151006381231

I took alot of interest in this article because it was about how quick you can purchase something that is sold online. People in this 21st century want things on the go, with no delays because they lead busy lifes. In this article it tells me that Australians are still getting used to the whole new idea of shopping online and that people in London and The USA are very used to this amazing concept of buying things over the computer. However in five to eight years time, Australia too will be one of the most leading countries that use the online shopping service.

3. Article three: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=5&hid=3&sid=47c4ed03-dbcf-432e-819e-f101cf1fa99d%40sessionmgr10&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=anh&AN=201003111040130811
This is a really good article as it tells me the bad side of shopping online. Besides the fact that it is convinient, saves money, and saves time there is a mean and nasty side to this people friendly service. Shopping online can be a rip off at times, and especially when all the hidden costs add up, the price of the actual item that you want to purchase is higher than it should be. Shoppers online, should stick to the online rules for example:

1. Protect your details. Be extra careful with your credit card details and never give out your PIN.
2. Understand the costs involved. This includes shipping, postage and insurance costs.
3. Know the seller's contact details. Get a landline phone number and physical address, not just an email or PO box address.

These three things are the main rules online shoppers should follow, if not they might end up getting cheated by the website administrators.
4. Article four: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=13&hid=3&sid=47c4ed03-dbcf-432e-819e-f101cf1fa99d%40sessionmgr10&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=anh&AN=200912231009301612

This is an amazing articles it tells me about how many people shop online and how often they do.The most common things that are shopped for online are books, DVDs, technology, sports and travel products. This article also tells me that, a person that purchases an item online is influenced by things like warranties, speed of delivery, after sales service as well as payment options for their online purchases. I think that this article will help me alot in answering some of my reasearch questions as it is heavily related to them.

5. Article five: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=14&hid=3&sid=47c4ed03-dbcf-432e-819e-f101cf1fa99d%40sessionmgr10&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=anh&AN=200910241038588522

After reading this article, I had a little laugh because it surprised me that the online grocery stores have price wars over the internet. The competition between big retailers like Woolworths and Coles is healthy for the online customers as the prices get reduced more to attract more customers. Its good to know that there are people on the internet that compare the prices between retailers before purchasing and item over the internet.

Week Eight------------->15th March- 19th March

All we had to do this week is complete our tasks that are due in this friday. I have almost completed all my tasks and trying to make them look neat, simple and understandable. These are the tasks we were given to complete:

1. Sheet with 4-5 guided questions to help you research your topic, or hypothesis, and how you are going to do it. - COMPLETED
2. Wiki page as journal of your thoughts- COMPLETED
3. 5 Ebscohost articles with a short description of why you chose them (skills in annotated bibliography)- COMPLETED
4. Survey/ interview questions. - COMPLETED.

Week Nine------------->22th March- 26th March
In this week I completed all my work that was due in last week.I am currently starting my powerpoint page up. I have decided on how my powerpoint slides are going to look like. I have planned the setting out. This week has been really hard, because all my other subject assignments are due in this week. However I still made time to do my research project homework. In conclusion, this week was a finish up week for the term.

Week Ten and Eleven------------->19th April- 30th April
We have just got back to school. During the holidays I did some work at home, I found out about how many shops in Australia actually have the online shopping facility and it seems that there are many shops that do have it. I figured that the people that use the online shopping the most is old people, people that are disabled, people that are wheelchair bound and people that are injured. I guess it is very convinient for them. Besides that I also found out that, some shops add an extra cost to delivering it home and the prices of the goods itself are higher than its retail price.

Week Twelve and Thirteen------------->03nd May-14th May
In these two weeks I have done my reasearch and surveys. I tried calling Woolworths and Coles to interview the mangers there. They told me that they will contact me a week later.I tried calling them again, and they said all their managers wer're busy. Besides that in these two weeks I have planned out on what my power point presentaion is going to have in it.

Draft so far for now
  • Add extra information for the power point information
  • set out the decorative side of my power point presentation
  • Find more appropriate pictures for my presentation
  • write out the oral for my presentation
  • if posible interview a few mates for extra statistics
  • Combine all the information I have found and give a conclusion for the whole power point

Week Fourteen-------------> 17th May-21st May

In this week I figured that I would have to be in the mids of finishing my power point presentation as it would have to be presented in week 8.So I have almost completed my power point and I am currently trying to write up my oral speech to accompany my presentation. I am hoping I would get good marks for both my power point and my speech. Besides that I also hope to give enough information about online shopping to everyone. My power point presentation seems really colourful and easy to understand, so i hope everyone enjoys watching and listening to my speech.

Week Fifteen and Sixteen-------------> 24th May-04th June

I have made a sudden change in my prject and have swapped my power point presentation into in a report. I have made this decision as the idea of a power point presentation didint really suit me and my research topic. I did a report that has all the information for online shopping. My report includes statistics, graphs, pictures, online shopping information and the latest updates for online shopping. I just hope it is good enough to get a good grade for my research project this year.

Week Seventeen-------------> 07th June-11th June

This week I have handed up my final copy of my report on online shopping. We are all currently working on the essay for the DeBonos hats. The debonos hat is basically a reflection on what we liked and what we didint like about the whole research project. Here is my work for my peers to asses:


Name: Dezri Chandrasekar
Year: 11.3
Subject: Research Project
Theme: Moving from Bricks to Clicks


What is online shopping and how does it work?
In this 21st century, online shopping, largely known as E-shopping or currently known as E-tailing, has become extremely well known with the advent of the Internet. The term online shopping, basically means purchasing products and services through the internet from large or small businesses. In other words, it is a business transaction done online without face to face interaction of the buyer and the seller. Big W, Banana Blue and Target are examples of well-known businesses that have this online service. Just about any services and products have been made available through the medium of the internet for public consumption. For example, clothing, food, flight tickets, movie tickets, health insurance, toys, hardware, softwares, online dating websites and various other useful products and services.
Who owns online shopping websites?
Traditional retail companies and big businesses have both opened online shops as it is a thriving business that accounts for $7.2billion of transactions., (Reference: Majority online shoppers **//http://www.scmagazineus.com/survey-majority-of-online-shoppers-highly-concerned-about-security/article/104369///**, Accessed on 8th March 2010)
How business transactions are done online?
In order for online shopping to be in existence you would need to have a computer with the internet connection. For customers to purchase things online, a credit or debit card is essential to make payments for the items consumed. Online shopping has taken the power of the plastic cards to the next level and given added business functionality for it.
Who are the majority of online shoppers?
Current research shows that a majority of 63% of online shoppers are women. (Reference: Women highest online shoppers, **//http://news.cnet.com/Women-top-shoppers-online,-study-finds/2100-1017_3-241160.html//**, Accessed 21st March 2010) This could be because women have to juggle between work, home and children. Therefore online shopping makes it easier and convenient because they do not have to follow the normal standard trading hours. Besides that, teenagers are the second largest amount of people that use this online shopping service as they are internet savvy and they have accessible to the internet. It is found that 19% of internet users shop online once a week.
Statistics for Australia
Ø In the last 12 months, statistics show that around 6.7 million people in Australia which is about 37.9% of Australians have used the online shopping service to purchase products and services.
Ø A total of $23billion has been spent over online shopping in Australia last year.
Ø The online shopping industries in Australia are expecting the online sales to increase by 9% yearly by the year 2012.
Ø Current studies, proves that half of Australian shoppers check to see the online price of the item or service they desire to buy before they go into a shop
(Reference: Australian online shopping statistics,http://copywritingpublicrelationsadvertisingmarketingsydney.com/2009/10/26/how- many-people-buy-online-australian-internet-marketing-statistics/, Accessed on 22nd March 2010.)

The following chart shows the Top 5 things bought online:
According to the statistics taken in the end of the year 2009, most online shoppers, shop online to buy clothing, accessories or shoes. This is largely because they are sold for a much cheaper price online compared to the price it is being sold at, in retail shops and are usually given money back guarantees if customers are not satisfied with what they have bought.
The following chart shows the Top 6 World Online Shoppers:
The world statistics shows us that South Korea which has 99% of its population shopping online, is the leading country in the world online shopping industry followed by Japan and Germany, the US, U.K and Switzerland. Australia is yet to be in the graph above.
(Reference: Report on online shopping, **//http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS16394+28-Jan-2008+PRN20080128//**, Accessed on 14th March 2010.)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

It is a 24/7, 365 days operating system- You would be able to buy anything and everything at any time of the day that suits you.

Misleading Product Information-Some online businesses don’t give correct information about the product and intend to give half truths and exaggerate for advertisement purposes.

Buy and sell outside geographical area by a click of a button-For example it is possible to buy a cookware you have never seen or touched be delivered to your house in a couple of days from a completely different country or even continent.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get-
Customers can’t see, touch or feel what they desire and therefore sometimes they might not like what they have bought.
Save time and energy- You would not have to wait for hours in shopping queue and traffic lights, and spend time hunting for a parking lot

Credit card frauds that steal personal information- Privacy and security are main concerns for customers, someone over the other end might be reading your credit details and misuse it.

Money back guarantee- In order to attract more customers and give them confidence and credibility, customers is given 30 or 60 days money back guarantees.

Shipping costs must be payed- Normally customers would have to pay a certain amount of money to get the items bought delivered. The delivery process might sometimes take up to days or even weeks.

Good bargain for customers- Customers can compare different prices on different retailers online and chose the best and often it is cheaper than buying from the brick and mortar shopping malls.

Need access to the internet and computer- This is a great disadvantage to older and illiterate people are a great disadvantage as they are not able to access the internet and therefore can’t make a purchase online.
Convenience- Digital products like e-books and airline tickets can be immediately downloads. You will also be able to read reviews that have been written by other people who have purchased the item you desire to buy.
Can’t buy with cash or write a check- Only those who own credit or debit cards are able to use this online service. Therefore it is a great disadvantage to people who don’t work, and don’t have their own income like house wives and senior citizens.

What do most people prefer? Online shopping or mortar and brick shopping?

Currently research shows, that there are a 50:50 ratio number of people that prefer both online shopping and mortar brick shopping. But in time to come more and more people will be internet and computer savvy, therefore they would start preferring the online shopping option compared to the mortar brick shopping, just because it is more convenient, easier, faster, user friendly and easily accessible.
Will online shopping feel the same as shopping in an actual shop?
Online shopping will never feel the same as shopping in an actual shop simply because there is no personal touch or contact with the goods, the staff and the very environment of being right there at the place. An actual shopping provides you an element of retail therapy that is just not available or made possible by online shopping. In that sense online shopping proves to be a great disadvantage to shoppers who yearn for the real experience of shopping in person in a shop itself.
What is the future of online shopping?
The amount of people that shop online will continuously increase every day. It is projected that online sales for 2010 could be more than $315 billion. (Reference: The future of online shopping, **//http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Future-of-Online-Shopping&id=364129//**, Accessed on 24th March 2010.) The value, reliability, safety and convenience of online shopping will endlessly improve with the exponential improvement of technology. The world’s perception of shopping is changing and more and more people are doing online shopping because of its convenience, relevance and the ease that fits into this modern, hectic lifestyle of ours.
Latest name for online shopping and its definition
E-tailing is the selling of retail goods on the Internet. Short for "electronic retailing," and used in Internet discussions as early as 1995, the term seems an almost inevitable addition to e-mail, e-business, and e-commerce. E-tailing is synonymous with business-to-consumer (B2C) transaction. (REFERENCE: E-tailing, http://searchcio.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid182_gci212079,00.html, Accessed on 31st May 2010)
Problems with Primary Resources:
Before starting my research about online shopping over the internet and using the EBSCO host database, I tried calling a few big businesses like Big W, Coles, Woolworths and K-mart several times to interview someone that works there and has some sort of information about the online business sector of their company, as a primary resource for this interesting research topic of mine. However my calls were not returned by any one of these businesses. Besides that, I also tried emailing these businesses to inquire if I could interview the managers about my research topic. There was no reply from any of these businesses. Therefore I decided to go ahead with my project with no primary resources as the due date for my project was getting really close.
In conclusion, I think that the world will never go shopless as there will always be people for and against online shopping. On one hand there will be people who always like to see and feel what they purchase, on the other hand there will always be people who lead busy lives that want to be permanently on the go so they don’t mind purchasing something they have not looked at or even know much about. However this perception of mine, might or will change in time to come as the generations that are about to come and even young adults in this generation are beginning to think differently and take things much easier and lightly in life. At the end of the day, it boils down to the significance of the size of the number of online shoppers that will determine the longevity of online shopping.
Internet Resources
Ø Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping online, http://ezinearticles.com/?Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Shopping-Online&id=1041793, Accessed on 01 March 2010.
Ø Online shopping, https://lwn.net/Articles/14475, Accessed on 4th March 2010.
Ø What is shopping online? ,http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-online-shopping.htm\, Accessed on 5th March 2010.
Ø Directory, http://www.australian-shopping-directory.com/, Accessed on 6th March 2010.
Ø Top online shopping websites, http://www.blogcatalog.com/discuss/entry/top-ten-online-shopping-website, Accessed 7th March 2010
Ø Majority online shoppers, http://www.scmagazineus.com/survey-majority-of-online-shoppers-highly-concerned-about-security/article/104369/, Accessed on 8th March 2010
Ø Enterprise search, http://www.enterprisesearch.com.au/, Accessed on 8th March 2010.
Ø Why set up an online shop, http://www.spoonfuloflove.com.au/ecommerce/ecommerce-whysetupshop.htm Accessed on 12th March 2010
Ø Report on online shopping, http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS16394+28-Jan-2008+PRN20080128, Accessed on 14th March 2010.
Ø 89% consumers’ prefer online shopping, http://www.bizreport.com/2007/12/survey_89_of_consumers_prefer_online_shopping.html#, Accessed on 18th March 2010.
Ø Women highest online shoppers, http://news.cnet.com/Women-top-shoppers-online,-study-finds/2100-1017_3-241160.html, Accessed 21st March 2010
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Ø The future of online shopping, http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Future-of-Online-Shopping&id=364129, Accessed on 24th March 2010.

Ebsco Host Database Resource
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