Week 1
we learnt how to create a wiki, looked at a site called moodle. which took me a while to work out how to use everything.
Week 2
We had decided to do the animal welfare league, an thought up a few questions to ask one of the volunteers there. one of our group members had a family member that worked there and said that we had to be 18 to volunteer and they already had a lot of people coming in amd asking questions like we were.

We are using a method called DLSOPE
It stands for:

D: Defining
L: Locating
S: Selecting
O: Organising
P: Presenting
E: Evaluation

Week 3
Our first topic got knocked back so we wanted to stay on the animal topic an enquired about the Adelaide zoo but we decided that isn’t the path that we wanted to take. We were given an assignment sheet to see how we would be graded. we looked at google and learnt about a tool called the wonder wheel that narrows down our topic to very helpful sights.
There was a new website we looked at, it was very slow. We decided not to use it.



week 4
we had 3 options if we worked at either the mornato zoological park or adleaide zoo

1.With one or two keepers at Monarto Zoo
2.In 5 rounds at Adelaide Zoo (a different one each day)
3.In the Children’s Zoo at Adelaide Zoo
When people do work experience you observe the animals, preparing animals food and also cleaning.

Volunteers help the zoo by conducting group tours of both Adelaide and Monarto Zoos by providing helpful information to visitors, participating in ZOOWATCH programs and by assisting with promotional events and other zoo requirements.
Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends: to learn more about, and help the zoo and its animals.
The Volunteer Co-ordinators for further information:
Ngareta Cronin, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Zoos SA
ph 8267 3255 or email **zoovolunteers@zoossa.com.au**.

Finally chosen our topic, we are researching Endangered Animals and we are now working on what we want to find out about the topic and what we want to do with it. We started to use "Wonder Wheel" on Google.com to look at the different things that came up within the topic, we looked at different animals and different wildlife services in place to protect the animals or keep their habitat.
Friday's lesson, started to look at just what endangered meant.

Animals, Plants, any species which is at risk of becoming extinct because there are very few in numbers, threatened by changing environmental.


Below is a wonderwheel of our topic, it shows the different things that may help with our topic.

for example the leatherbeater possum

week 5
some of the search engins we have been using through out the research process are:



Ebscohost - on intranet page - excellent database of news for currency.
Google wonder wheel - helps to show topics and related issues
My Moodle -
Ergo research skills - http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/ergo/research_skills
National Library of Australia - many online resources - http://www.nla.gov.au/
Referencing Harvard style - http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/cite/harvard_dis/
Evaluating websites - http://library.acadiau.ca/tutorials/webevaluation/



The 5 whys

Interview Qustions:
what can we do to help them?
why are they endangered?

week 6

we narrowed down our endangered animals. a topic something close to home we all live near the sea an have grown up close to the beach.


i sponsered a dolphin with project dolphin safe a few years ago an thought this would be perfect.

this is the project dolphin safe news letter it really shows what is going on in the community around us.


General Enquiries

For general enquiries please email us using our online email form. You can also call us on **08 8262 5452**.
Please be aware, we endeavour to contact you regarding your inquiry within 5 business days for emails (including via our online email form), and 5 business days for letters and faxes.

Project Dolphin Safe Contact Details

Torrens Island, via Grand Trunk Way
Gillman, South Australia 5019

Project Dolphin Safe Assoc. Inc.
South Australian Seabird Rescue
P.O. Box 2390
Port Adelaide SA 5015

Phone: + 61 8 8262 5452
Emergency Response: 0411 057 551
Fax: + 61 8 8262 5452
Email: aaron@projectdolphinsafe.com



ebsco host 5 articles:

//**Dolphin**// deaths still a mystery

this a a tradgity about one of the dolphins dieing and it is still a mystery why and who it dies... :( sad Wave if you love //**dolphins**// a campain to promote dolphin safety and looking after our beloved wildlife around us. Chance to name a //**Port**// //**River**// //**dolphin**// people are giving you a chance to name one of the many new port river dolphins. Protect the //**dolphins**// this is about protecting the dolphins in and around the adelaide and even wider in australia. Tangled //**dolphin**// feared dead tangled dolphins are the biggest problem at the moment with fishermen just cutting there tangled lines an chucking them in the water which dolphines swim past and get caught.

Week Nine:
Tuesday lesson one, hayley, Nathan and I went to go speak to Mr. Glass because he knows someone who works/worked with Project Dolphin Safe he said he would contact her and get back to us in the next few days. We asked him if maybe we could get on a boat to interview someone and see some dolphins or interview someone over the phone. Fixing up my page before assessment closed so I could get the best possible mark for this subject.

Week Ten: hayley, Nathan and I went and spoke to Mr. Glass about the friend he knows who works with Project Dolphin Safe. He told us that she works in Morialta way so she might not be able to help us but she may know people who can. So far we want to interview someone who works with the dolphins, maybe even go on a boat to see some of the dolphins, make a video or record the interview.

Term Two Week One: In our Friday lesson we got the laptops out and we were able to use them. We have changed to a new classroom. I googled our topic again and found the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. It had a big story about Billie the dolphin; it told you about her life. Week Two: Used Ebscohost to look up our topic again. Didn’t get any new information but it was still useful to try again. Week Three: we had an interview and boat ride organised but they called us and said that they had too much stuff going on so it had to be cancelled. Week 4&5:For the past few weeks Simone and I have been contacting people to try and organise an interview, many places are very busy and won't answer emails or phone calls or haven't had any time for an interview. We organised an interview with someone from Project Dolphin Safe, they weren't able to give us a alot of information that isn't already on websites so as for finding new information we weren't able to do a lot of that but we did find some useful hints on how to help the dolphins but also the aquatic environment the information we have about the dolphins is quite interesting and if we were able to get a hold of the main people who worked with the dolphins it would've helped a bit more in gathering new information. We also have to start closing our research into the dolphins and get our powerpoint finished so we are ready to present by the presentation.

week 6&7: