Week 1.
Week 1 in Research Project i met our class we had a relief teacher, Ms Mcinnes was away. He informed the class in how Research Project works, and what we should be doing during this term. We have to pick a topic to research either work alone, to with a group/partner, I have chosen to work with Steph.

Week 2.
Week 2 Ms Mcinnes had introduced us into Wikispaces, She had asked us all to sign up to it, and make our own page. Wikispaces is a page that allows you to record and get more information on your topic you have chosen. The topic I had chose is How To Make A Small Haidressing Business, what you will need to do and learn to get you into the Hairdressing Business, Steph has chosen a familar one to mine by chosing how to make a small baking business. Ms Mcinnes also introduced us into DLSOPE.
D: Define
L: Locate
S: Select
O: Organise
P: Present
E: Evaluate

Week 3.
When we got to week 3, i realised that i was pretty behind on my wikipage comparing to the rest of the class. Ms Mcinnes asked me how well i was going with it, then i decided the best thing was asking her for help. She had helped me understand more about it, and what to do be done. She explained to the class how to work the Wonderwheel application. She also spoke to us about what "Plaigarism" is, and told us about Webinspiration.

Week 4.
Ms Mcinnes had spoke to us about mindmaps this week.

Week 5.
This Week we have to write out our questions that we have to ask the person we interview about hairdressing. and also thought about who we are going to interview.