I have settled on a topic: \m/ METAL!!! \m/
My next objectives are to think of some reasearch questions. I have two questions so far....
Where does metal music fit in todays society?
Where will metal be in the future?

One thing I will need to do is check what I am going to do now in year 11 won't effect my year 12 music course.



As my thought map sugestests my research questions will be 'Where will metal be in the future?' & 'Where is metal in todays society?'
I will need to define what Metal music really is and the current condition of metal music in todays market.

To refine my topic further I am going to reaseach Death Metal, it is a sub-genre of Metal music and it is the one that intrests me most.


The thought map shows the key areas I need to define to help with my main topic.


This Flo-Chart shows the development of Death Metal and the Sub-genres, Fusion Genres & Bands

As far as interviewing people for a primary source of information, I am going to ask fellow Metalheads about their opinion and I am going to the music store Muses in the city and ask about Death Metal Cd sales. As an added part I am going to gain reviews from Death Metal concerts in Adelaide and write on review on the Cannibal Corpse concert I went to last year.

I Have Compiled 3 Lists Of Questions;

1. Muses Music Store

2. Fowlers Live

3. Metalheads Survey

Task: Find 5 news articles on EBSCO HOST about my chosen topic.

I am unable to complete this task because there is nothing remotely to do with Death Metal on EBSCO HOST.


The way I am going to gain my information over the holidays:

I am going to talk to Death metal bands and get their views on where Death Metal is heading.
I am going to talk to record store owners to check on the record sales of Death Metal.
I am going to talk and survey Metalheads to finf out their perspective.
I am going ask Fowlers Live about Death Metal concert numbers.

And from those findings I will compile an insight to Death Metals future.