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Our Group Wiki
Our fundraising page -

Week -1
I have started to use Wiki and for the past few weeks I will be recording all my progress here and keep it updated.We have been thinking what topic we would be researching.

After the tragic earthquake in Haiti our group has decided to help and raise money to help those people in need. We will be researching other detonators that are currently helping Haiti to find out more how we can also help. In our group there is me, Chris, Vuong,Darren, Ben, Rohan and Anel. We were given sheets to tell us how we are being graded.
The teacher told us about DLSOPE
D - Defining
L- Locating
S- Selecting
O- Organising
E- Evaluating

Learnt how to use Wonder wheel on google,It helps us find information on the topic we are researching.Teacher also taught us how to write a bibliography. The teacher gave a useful site that could help us how to write a research project.

Used mywebspiration and brainstored ideas that was demonstrated by Chris and Darren. We were given sheets to tell us how we would be graded.

We were told how to prevent plagiarism and write bibliography using the Harvard system. We had a animation/quiz showing us how we can prevent plagarism.


Week -4
In our group we picked who will do what job. We got a sheet on Blooms taxonomy, This sheet will help guide us though our reseach.

This is our fundrasing page that was made by Vuong.:

We chose our research question to be "Can any human support the Haiti victims?".

Our goal is to now find helpful ways that could help and fund raise money to help Haiti.

Darren made a group wiki-

Roles in our group.
Information on haiti and the incident - Rohan Kotwal
Video planning - Onn Tang and & Chris Chau
Fund raising oranising - Ben Delalovic
Fundraising site and donation - Vuong Nguyen
Surveys/interviewing people - Anel Delibasic
Creating and managing our group wiki - Darren Chan


  • work out on survey questions so we interview Medicine Sans Frontiers Australia
  • thoughts on fund raising ideas
  • a proposal was written up to get approval form Mrs Edwards/Mrs Bond
  • made contact with music and dances students

Here are our interview questions:
1. How are you associated with the Haiti crisis?

2. How has your association benefited victims?

3. Who is assisting your organisation?

4. What can people do to help your organisation?

5. How long will you be there for?

6. What qualifications do you need to do to be part of this organisation?

7. Is there any way that we can help other than money?

8. How long do you think when the crisis will be over?
9. What are your thoughts about the crisis?

10. Will Haiti ever be the same?

- Our group went on with the project with people doing different jobs
- Darren and me went to see home ec teachers to seek help and ideas on catering for our fund raising
- Emailed teachers to tell them about our project and ask them for some help.
- Did some planning on our video, the aim of our video is to promote and get support from people to help Haiti, also telling them how they could donate.
- Looked on EBSCO Host, it helped us to find some information and details involving with our project
- Our concept map has been updated by Chris Chau.

5 EBSCOHOST and why I chose them. . I chose this article because this has some information on Doctors without Borders which is our fund that we are donating to. It tells us how DWB are contributing and assisting on Haiti and I think this information could be useful to us. .
I chose this article because its saying that a school of year 7's are also helping Haiti and this is what we are doing too. The year 7 students are trying to make other young people think and feel about the disasters in Haiti. We could also give more information about Haiti to people in our school because many young people do not realize these disasters that are happening around the world. . I choose this article because these people are saying that helping Haiti can be lots of fun. I think people like this could inspire other people and I also believe our group can also inspire other people and get them to help Haiti as well. This article is saying that a school of students have raised over $700 by making stickers and selling them, they have been using their own time and arranging their fund raising. Our group is also making banners and badges and I am imagining how much we could raise because we also have more different ideas. . This article says that Haiti needs 11,5 billions dollars to rebuild after the earthquake. Haiti owns alot of money already to the world bank and now they need more money. I think people in Haiti should learn solutions how to maintain there own country. The rebuild of Haiti will take awhile to fix beacuse it was quite a big disarter.

-We were showed a website telling us what sites are credible or not.
Five things I learnt to make sure a web site is credible or nit are :
  • Are there any obvious errors or typos ? is it easy to navigate ?
  • Website ending with . com is not aways a credible site. Web sites with .org, .edu and .gov are most likely credible sites.
  • Analyze the page are there and links link to other sites ?, advertisement?, or ads ?. Are there conflicts interest between them and the content?
  • Does the page have an updated ? or is being updated regularly ?
  • Does it have a qualified Author and a publication date ?
The link to the tutorial

Friday 12th
Today the people in our group went on an excursion so there was only Rohan and me working on our project. We went to visit Mrs Sykes and tell her about our fund raising plan. We might have to change some of the ideas we have because some of our fund raising ideas would be difficult to arrange. The Fund raising ideas our group came up with are :
  • concert-dance and music
  • raffle & ribbons
  • catering- muffin/cookies/ sausage sizzle
  • car wash
  • delivering

Week -8
Today Mrs Edwards came and visited us. we told her about our project and our fun raising plans. She thought it was a good idea but she said we should think more about our fund raising plan because the school has an certain amount of fund raising days.

Our group decided we should do an Haiti day where we could have an fund raising all in one day. The fund raising events we might stick with are raffle, dance concert , ribbons and maybe car wash.

- our group looked at rubber wrist bands to see how much they were.

mind map updated by Chris chau

Term 2 Week 1
Our group is starting to put our project together because we do not have much time left. The concert has been decided to be help on week 4.
our group got together on the weekend to film our video that we will be uploading it on You Tube shortly.

Week 2
Our group has decided to stick with the concert and the raffle, the wrist bands are canceled because it will take to much effort to get them arranged. We have started to film in class to prepare for our video presentation.

week 3
  • Our video for our you tube has been edited but there is still more to do.
  • concert is arranged to be held on week 5 at lunch time
  • made posters to advert the concert and raffle tickets
  • went around classes to get a rough idea who would actually buy tickets for Ipod Nano.
week 4
We have started to sell raffle tickets at school.By the end of week 4 we have raised $250. Our concert will be held next week on Tuesday at lunch time.

week 5

Our video was posted up into Youtube. Tuesday our group prepared for the concert for lunch. Chris and Darren did the lighting for the concert while the rest of our members filmed and collected money from the door. By the end of day we have raised $400 while selling the tickets and holding the concert. Our concert was a sucess, many people came to watch and they seem to liked it. At the end of the concert the raffle was drawn and it was won by a year 8 student.

week 6
The money collect by the raffle tickets and concert were counted and placed in separate bags. The school has said that they will help us transfer the money to our fundrasing fund.

Presentation for our Research project will be next week so our group has started to put everything together what we have done.


Week 7

Our group did our presentation on Tuesday and it went very well, I would rate our presentation 8.5/10. Other groups also did their presentations and we had to give them a rating and feed backs. The opinions and feed backs can be found in the discussion of the wiki.
We had finally received our primary source by on of the members of Help The Kids.
Week 8
This is our last week of the research project. During the 2 terms I have enjoyed the research project as I have learnt many new skills. Our teacher Mrs Mcinnes has been a great help and has support our group through our project. So I would like to thank her.

6 thinking hats.

Red Hat Emotions
Before working on this project I thought it wouldn’t work out because there were many duties we had to perform. After our research project we had completed the entire task successfully. During the project I felt a little anxious because we weren’t sure that we could raise enough money.

Yellow Hat Good points
Throughout the project I have learnt many new skills such as group skills and communication skills. Our group had organized a raffle ticket and for the concert we had to be prepaid and know what we were doing. This had taught us how to be more organized and prepaid. Throughout the fundraise we had raised $400 which was a great effort.

Black Hat bad point
Our group has come of with many ideas for fundraising but we only could use two of them. The other ideas we came up with were too hard to arrange. During the project I thought everything would run smoothly until I notice time was short and many things had to be done.

Green Hat Creativity
Many ideas have been come up with for our fundraising and our group did the ones that suited best. There were many tasks that had to be performed so each of us had worked out who would be doing what job throughout the research project.

White Hat Information
Many information was needed while working on our research project. We had to find information from teacher to know how we could do our fundraising and how we could hold a concert. A questionnaire was produced which was our primary source that was answered by Jack Reynolds from Free the Kids

Blue hat organisation of thinking
At the beginning of our research project our group had first planned what needed to be done through out the research. So after we had finished a task we knew exactly what had to be done next.