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Impact of Nuclear Waste Disposal in South Australia
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Impact of Nuclear Waste Disposal in South Australia :-

  • Why did I pick this topic?

I picked the topic Impact of Nuclear Waste Disposal in South Australia because Australia has around 70% of world's Uranium. It is the biggest resource of energy in Australia but once the Uranium is used all left is the radioactive waste. Australia is deciding to dump the waste near the town of Woomera which can effect the local habitat at high rate.

How does it work :-

external image 261px-Nuclear_fission.svg.png

Week 1 :-
  • We had a very short time so we can't decide a topic.
  • We made wikispace login.
  • We learnt how to use wikispaces.
  • I started my journal on wikispace.
  • We learnt how to use wikispace and how to make journals.

We learnt six steps :-
D: Defining
L: Locating
S: Selecting
O: Organising
P: Presenting

Week 2 :-
  • We finallly decide a topic after a long discusion with teachers, friends and some other people. The topic we have chosen is Corruption of the Utopian Ideoplogy.
  • Seaton already had much information.
  • We used this information to start our project.
  • I searched google for more information.
  • We discussed and shared all our information so we can make the best project.
  • We collected some picture. Seaton made some pictures by himself and we decided to scan them.

Week 3 & 4 :-
  • We decided to change our topic because Corruption of the Utopian Ideology so our new topic is Impact of Nuclear Waste Disposal in South Australia.
  • We created a wikispaces page www.mywebinspiration.com to help keeping my journal upto date.
  • We made one webspiration login. Me (Mandeep) and Jake are sharing it.
  • We learnt how to use webspiration.
  • We searched where the nuclear waste is dumped and how it effects on the environment and the people leaving this area.

I have some information about nuclear waste :-


We have started our reaserch on different websites like Google

Nuclear waste dumping in SA (imapct on environment) :-


  • We choose to survey different people and wanted to collect the information about what people thinks about dumping waste near the town of Woomera.
  • According to me and my team, it could cause a huge loss of fertile land and the radiation can effect the local habitat at high rate.

We are searching google and intervieing different people..

Survey Questions :-
1) Why do we need uranium for power, why not recyclable sources like Hydroelectricity or Wind Energy ?

2) What are the hazards of storing the nuclear waste underground ?

3) Australia can use heat based energy resources like Thermal power or Solar Enery

4) Why do they want to bury the Nuclear Waste near a town, why not away from population where the radiations can't effect any organism or anything?

Week 5,6,7 :-

  • I was away because of my broken leg . I apologise to my group that i wasn't so helpful during this time.
  • I will try my best to cover the whole stuff we did in class.

Week 8 :-

A great way to get current news on any topic:-

external image interfacelogos.jpg
external image interfacelogos.jpg
We learnt how to use EBSCO host to find the latest news on our topic.

We found some cartoon pictures of nuclear waste:-

external image 2005-07-16%20Nuclear%20waste%20far%20away%20226.jpg The government should stop dumping waste near the town of Woomera but the government and authorities have already dumped 80 drums of nuclear waste.

external image nueclar-waste-tropical-forest.jpgThe radiations produced by the waste dumped near towns or forests can cause serious problems like losing of soil fertility and even more bad effects.

external image jfa2561l.jpg
external image jfa2561l.jpg

People and scientist give many ideas about disposing nuclear waste. e.g. Some people said that we can send the nuclear waste to the moon but these ideas will be really expensive.

True - Monsanto Corporation released nearly 140,000,000 pounds of toxic waste in 1990 by Cagle, Daryl
True - Monsanto Corporation released nearly 140,000,000 pounds of toxic waste in 1990 by Cagle, Daryl

ase pictures are made by different artists and people which really shows that people don't want government and authoroties to dump the NUCLEAR WASTE underground (near towns) or in the oceans.

EBSCO articles :-

  • If we recycle the nuclear waste it is going to be easy for terrorists to steal the plutonium and use its high radiations to make bombs but we can't keep the nuclear waste because we don't have enough space to dump it so we have to find an alternative way.

RETHINKING //**Nuclear**// Fuel Recycling.

  • If we can burry the nuclear waste underground then its the best way of storing the nuclear waste but it could be expensive to make the tunnels under the sea.

Plans to store //**nuclear**// //**waste**// under the //**sea**//

  • The government is just worried about global warming, not the effects of radiation produced by the nuclear waste :-

No //**nuclear**// //**dumping**//, Howard vows

  • The Federal Government has announced plans to repeal legislation which could force the Northern Territory to accept a national nuclear waste dump.The traditional owners at Muckaty Station offered a one and a half square kilometre patch of land for a one-off payment of $12 million
//**Nuclear**// //**waste**// //**dump**// likely for NT

Other useful websites:-

  • There are many official website where you can help Australia maintain there climate change
e.g. Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy:-


Week 9 :-

I finished my wiki and hypothesis and questions worksheet.

Term 2 :-
Week 1:-
  • We have started our wiki back again after 15 days holidays
  • We started making the presentation using the information we collected in last 9 weeks.
Week 2:-
  • Jake started the presentation.
  • Seaton and me(Mandeep) started looking for more information for our presentation.
  • I started looking for the pictures too.

Week3 :-
  • I found some useful emails of Nuclear waste Experts.
  • We used Seaton's email id to send e-mails to the experts.
  • We started waiting for the reply.

Week 4:-
  • We checked our email id for the replies.
  • Many of them replied and we used this information for our presentation and this was our another primary resource.

Week 5 :-
  • Continued with our presentation.
  • Found some more iformation about dumping nuclear waste.

Week 6:-
  • We found a very interesting information about a new bacteria which can eat nuclear waste. This was a surprise for our presentation

We used the information from the emails that once the nuclear waste is secreted its hard to
it, so we continued our search on how Australia is trying to dispose the nuclear waste and it was so shocking to see that the nuclear waste was dumped under many public placed like Hospitals in Darwin.

Week 7:-
  • We continued with our presentation and finally the day came we were waiting from 16 weeks.
  • We presented our presenatation.
  • People rated on our presentation and the average was about 7/10.
  • This was not as good as we :( expected but I am glad that the people like our presentation.

6 Thinking Hats

Red hat covers intuition, feelings and emotion.

White hat covers covers facts, figures, information needs and gaps. In our gruop we were finding as much information as we can and we were trying to cover the whole topic.

Black hat covers judgment and caution. I judged that the background in our wiki is really bad and I talked to my group to change it but they didn't hear me and after our presentation, everyone mentioned that the background was not good because it was distracting the audience.

Yellow hat is the logical positive. The positive thing of our presentation was that we worked in a team and we appreciated each other's work

Green hat is of creativity, alternatives, proposals, what is interesting, provocations and changes

Blue hat is for the overview or process control hat