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Week 1 - 26/01/10
Met the research class and was told about the basics of researching.

Week 2 - 02/02/10
Today i have started a wiki and this is where i will be recording all my progess during the next few weeks that i am working on this project.

Our group (Ben, Anel, Darren, Vuong, Rohan, Onn and I) has decided to do our research project on helping haiti and we have decided that we would start by some researching on organisations/ people that have been helping and donating things to help haiti after the tradgic earthquake.

D - Defining
L- Locating
S- Selecting
O- Organising
E- Evaluating

Week 3 - 9/02/10
Ms.Mcinnes showed us useful methods when researching something:
- Using wonder wheel on google
- Using D.L.S.O.P.E to guide us in our research
- How to prevent plagerism and using the harvard system when writing a bibliography
- Talked to class about how to use webinspiration

Week 4 - 16/02/10
This week our group has finalised assigning everyone in the group to jobs. I have shown this on my mind map using webinspiration.
As shown on my mind map, our jobs are:
Information on haiti and the incident - Rohan Kotwal
Video planning - Onn Tang and I (Chris Chau)
Fund raising oranising - Ben Delalovic
Fundraising site and donation - Vuong Nguyen
Surveys/interviewing people - Anel Delibasic
Creating and managing our group wiki - Darren Chan

As each member makes progress it their work i will be updating this mind map.
(Mind map done on :

-Ms.Mcinnes handed out a sheet showing bloom's taxanomy to help us learn the six levels of learning. We will be required to us it as a guide to our research.

Week 5 - 26/02/10
-Worked out our survey questions
-Worked out who we are going to contact (Doctors without borders)

Week 6- 02/0310
-Our group begins to organise fund raising and contacting people who would be able to help (e.g dance students, teachers, music student, Home ec.)
-Began interview question (yet to be finished)
-Onn and I (Chris Chau) began planning video
-Started Proposal (yet to be finished)

This is a mind map of our current progress from the last two weeks.


-The ticks in the mind map represent what has been completed.
-The Question marks represents what is yet to be completed
- During this week and the week before our group has realised that our original assigned jobs might be more of a group job rather than just for one person to do. In result of this we have changed our job plans and decided that each person would have a main job but other people would have to help with the bigger jobs such as the Fund raising and proposal planning.

Week 7 - 09/03/10
-Ms.Mcinnes showed us a website to help us to decide whether a website is credible or not.
-Five things to consider whether a website is credible enough :
  1. Make sure it has a qualified author and date of publication
  2. Check the website URL . Websites ending with ".com" are not always credible. Try using websites with .org .edu or .gov
  3. Check what the purpose of the site is for. Is there a particular audience?.
  4. Is the site biased? Does it look at both sides of the story?
  5. Are there obvious signs of errors/typos? Is it easy to navigate?
Website we used :

Week 8 - 19/03/10
- prepared our work for this weeks end of term assesment
- I got used to using the site :
- This site contains many articles from past to current. my thoughts on it are that it is extremely useful for when i need to research.
- I discovered we could even specify the date of the articles that we wanted.
- Once Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia provide us with a representative we will be interviewing them to obtain valuable information for our research project.

Here are our interview questions:

1. How are you associated with the Haiti crisis?

2. How has your association benefited victims?

3. Who is assisting your organisation?

4. What can people do to help your organisation?

5. How long will you be there for?

6. What qualifications do you need to do to be part of this organisation?

7. Is there any way that we can help other than money?

8. How long do you think when the crisis will be over?

9. What are your thoughts about the crisis?

10. Will Haiti ever be the same?

Week 9 23/03/10

Updated concept map :

- Current updates from the last concept map are indicated by the blue boxes.
- We have begun to plan a video and now have a rough idea of what we want to put in it
- Our plans to have a casual day have failed due to the fact that they had already planned one before hand
- New idea for fundraising had been added - Selling Wristbands we have been notified by Rohan Kotwal that there is a good chance we would be able to get them.

Week 10 30/03/10
Week 10
Plan for the research project.
I chose to do this topic, helping Haiti because I had seen potential within this topic. There are many possibilities and achievements that can be produced from this topic. It was also a major issue at the time and it still is.
Our main purpose/ hypothesis are that, can anyone help Haiti? We are just a group for 7 students willing to help Haiti but can we make a difference?
We have planned several fundraisers to raise money for Haiti and we plan on raising $2000 or more from our ideas. Money will go to our fundraising page that Vuong created (link at bottom if you wish to donate). Our fundraising ideas were:

· To have a casual day – negotiating with student voice and Ms Sykes
· Selling wrist bands – Rohan contacting wrist band making company. Sell those
· Dance/music concert – work with dance/music teachers and students
· Raffle ticket selling for a prize – possible ipod like prize. Each raffle at $1
During our fundraising day we will be recording the day event for Haiti. Using the video we recorded we will present in our final presentation. In our presentation we will be presenting:

· A power point
· A speech
· Video of the fundraising day
· Our commercial video (yet to make)
Along the way we will be researching the incident and contacting medical sans doctors without borders for an interview, which will then provide us with more information. We are fortunate to have computers be we are then able to use sites and search methods such as Ebsco Host, wonder wheel, webspiration and wikispaces.
In order to achieve this we need to gain publicity. We will post our video on youtube and notify our intensions on facebook.
We are hoping to achieve great things.
Chris Chau

Week 11 - 14 20/04/10 - 11/05/10
-Up to organising stage
- So this term we have been busy trying to get everything we had planned together
- Palnned and completed commercial video
- Obtained raffles to sell for our ipod
- canceled plans to sell wrist bands due to the loss we would make
- Began to see flaws in the raffle selling
- We might have priced our raffle tickets too high but we will see how it turns out
- Currently week 4 our group realises we must hurry
- Currently raised $142 selling raffle tickets
- Stayed after school to sell raffles to teachers
- Working out when we get the hall
- Presented what my roll is to the class in week 2
- Updated mind map (apologies for big mind map I could not fit all progress on one area):mind_map.jpg

Week 15 - 17/05/2010
- Day before concert: I went to the hall to set up the lights. I also had to reposition the lights so that each light lighted a certain area of the stage.
- Concert day - The concert was a success. The audience turned up and we only went three minutes pass lunch. I am happy with the results although the school could have been more organised because on that same day the hall was used for the year 11 and 12 talk. Our group had to work fast in order to set up the concert in time.
- We have raised $400 for haiti. We did not reach our goal of $2000 because of the many fundraising ideas that we had canceled. To us it does not matter because the importaqnt thing is knowing we helped haiti.
- Another problem was that during the week 2 or 3 other charities were being held. It made our tast that more diffcult but we managed to pull through it all.

Week 16 - 25/05/2010
- The group I are now finalising our presentation for next week.
- We have arranged to meet in the weekends to make a video that will help us with our presentation.
- A graph has been created by Vuong Nguyen of our money raising progression:

- In 7 days our group has managed to raise $400
- Updated mind map :


- This will the the second to last mind map
- The things that we have definitely completed are outlined with a think line, ticked and in bright green
- The red areas are areas were either unavailible or we couldn't do

Week 17 - 1/06/2010
- Our presentation was presented on Tuesday
- The class had to assess other group's performance on their presentation in the discussion page of the wiki
- Reading the haiti group's review i found that the scores people gave us were around the 9-10 out of 10
- Overall i think our oral in the form of the video worked really well
- Even though it probably went over time i think think our overall production has covered all the aspects of our work
- At the last minute our primary source contacted us

Week 18 08/06/2010
- This week is the last week of research project
- Completed a De Bono's 6 thinking hats reflection on this research project:

DeBono’s 6 thinking hats reflection
Red Hat – Emotions
I felt that this research project has been extremely enjoyable. Before this research project I would never have thought that the group and I would be able to raise money to helping Haiti. It was truly a surprise.

Yellow Hat – Good points
I was really worth raising the money because it gave me a good sense of achievement that the group was able to help out Haiti. Our concert was a great success and the atmosphere of it was great. Our teamwork had a big part to play in our success. Everyone played their part in making this project work.

Black Hat – Bad points
Our raffle selling was perhaps priced too high and that resulted in minimal student purchases of the tickets. Most of the teachers ended up buying them. During the day of our concert there was a year 11 and 12 assembly and it was completely unexpected. Our primary sources had troubles replying back to us so it resulted in a delayed response. Out of all fundraising ideas we only ended up doing 2 of them.

Green Hat - Creativity
If I were to do this research project again the things I would do differently would be change the prices of the raffles to make them cheaper. Clarify even more that were have booked the hall to avoid the problem we had with the assembly. We also needed to make the casual day work because with the casual day I believe we could have raised another $800 or so.

White Hat – Information
The question that could be asked is, how much money would we have risen if all our fundraising ideas were used? Other than that I think that I was satisfied with the knowledge I have gained through this research project.

Blue Hat- Organisation of thinking
I think that the choices the group has made were good because in the end team work and learning was really important. The group and I have all enjoyed this project and we had a lot of fun while doing so.

- Overall i thought it was a extemely enjoyable experience and i have gained valuable knowledge that i could use in the future
- FINAL Mind map of the groups journey in this research project.

Since our first progression, our group has come a long way. I has truly been a wonderful experience to have.