Welcome to Our New Wikipage

This wiki is for my classmembers to reflect on the learning during our 17 weeks.

You need to keep a journal/ portfolio/ folder of evidence of learning so each of you will need to update your page each week.
This is worth 15 % of the total mark so please learn how to edit and add to your page. Once you know how, you can hyperlink, add graphs, widgets, tables, links to video - very exciting to learn new ICT skills.

Journal Keeping - it is worth 30%
At least once a week reflect on -
  • What have you achieved
  • What you want to achieve/ goals
  • Positives/ successes
  • Negatives/ limitations/ problems
  • Interesting comments
  • This will pretty much help you write everything that you need to show evidence of learning = + journal

Research Tools

My Moodle - http://intranet.woodvillehs.sa.edu.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=4

http://www.mywebspiration.com - create your concept maps,, print screen, save in "Paint" and then upload

Fuse - great site for secondary students, even though it is Victorian!

Ebscohost - on intranet page - excellent database of news for currency.

Google wonder wheel - helps to show topics and related issues

Ergo research skills - http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/ergo/research_skills

National Library of Australia - many online resources - http://www.nla.gov.au/

Referencing Harvard style - http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/cite/harvard_dis/

Evaluating websites - http://library.acadiau.ca/tutorials/webevaluation/

Week 7
I am really happy and proud of the quality of the work done so far by most of our class. So much so that I sent an email to some teachers, including Ms Edwards. Here is her reply!!!
"Wow! Sooooo impressive. What is Chris’ last name? Please let him know how impressed I am. I will get Bec Sykes to have a look as well as it links with work she does with Student Voice.
Cheers Meredith"
emailed Friday 5th March 2010 by Ms Edwards.

So well done Chris and his group. I have told her what a great group you are, which really helps. Many others of you have really impressed me with how qui
ckly you learn new skills. So I will try and get us access to more skills, especially videoing, interviews, changing formats like video to CD to wiki etc., using the skills some of you have already, and ICT experts like Simon and John, Mr. Winen and Mr. Kerr.
We will all learn from each other!!\

So -
These 4 tasks are due Friday 19th March, Week 8.
1. Sheet with 4-5 guided questions to help you research your topic, or hypothesis, and how you are going to do it.
2. Wiki page as journal of your thoughts
3. 5 Ebscohost articles with a short description of why you chose them (skills in annotated bibliography)
4. Survey/ interview questions.

We are in the process of D= Defining, L= locating and S= selecting - 1st 3 stages of DLSOPE and yet you should also be thinking about what it is you want to P= present - how, to who, what for, what is new and interesting and informative about this topic?
Make sure you have a primary source, an expert, who you are going to interview, and that you have really good questions for them. Remember the emphasis is on NEW information that you are genuinely curious about.
Enjoy, this should be good for you all!!
Ms McInnes

If you have any trouble with technology, please make a note in your journal - we will learn how to fix it - maybe - we will learn from each other remember !!!!

Week 10
Will look like?






Week 11 - 13
This is your Organising stage of the research process - you are putting all the information that you have located and selected, with referencing as you go, into some sort of organised format in preparation for your presentation. A draft of what you are doing - 1 page max., is due on Friday this week. (Week 4 Term 2)

Week 16/18
You have now got only one week left to organise your information to PRESENT in Week 17/18!!!
Make sure you have referenced every source you used ... very important to show a variety of them, especially primary and secondary ones. dlsOPe - think how, who to etc _see ERGO - nominalise if you can, as much as possible - and then PRACTISE !!!

Week 17/18
All of you will be presenting your work to each other and anyone else that you would like to invite - your choice with consultation with moi of course - please think about what good can you do with your project - will you still be interested in five years ? If you are not, who else will be?
Love your work heaps so far, lets finish with work that you will be proud of, and which will also help your capabilitynosity for the future....