week 1.
  • Design.Locate.Select.Organise.Present.Evaluate.
In week one it was just about introducing us to the wikipages, spaces, projects, etc... We havent yet decided exactly what i want to research on, but it's definitely on the lines of animals., Like maybe, animal abuse. Probably not a specific animal but just animals in general.

week 2.
In week two we decided to research about animal cruelty. Dina and I searched some interesting but off-putting things on animal abuse on the net and saw some terrible pictures of animals being treated badly. We weren't sure on what exact animal we wanted to do it on but most probably with dogs because there is a lot of info on them being abused.

canned and chained.
canned and chained.
how can they be breathing
how can they be breathing

week 3.
In week three we learnt of a new site called webinspiration.

week 4.
Most of week four we researched on animal abuse and torture. We found a lot of horrific pictures of dogs being treated brutaly. Also, Dina and I thought it would be a good idea to ring up the RSPCA.
      • WHY? - I'll tell you why. Because we could find out some information on animal cruelty,we can find out how we can help with volunteer jobs and how we can present our information for the oral research project.

Week 5.
In week five Dina and I were introduced to a new learning site called 'intro to online learning'. it taught us how to pick more precise categories to research. An activity we played was about Africa and animals. - we had to put the animals and birds in the correct place, and if they were an African bird you would put them in the middle section. - pretty straight forward.
On Friday Dina and I are planning to ring up the RSPCA. we will and ask them how we can help in any way, etc...
Tuesday - 5 why's.
1. why are we searching up on animal cruelty?
2. why some people care and why some people dont?
3. why are people abusing?
4. what can we do to help?
5. why dont animals have rights?
6. do people always know if theyre abusing?

Week 6.
We have to make up survey questions for someone we will interview.
Survey questions are:

- below is a website for forensic evidence on cruelty to animals.

Authors: [[javascript:doLinkPostBack('','ss~~AR "WARGO, MEREDITH"||sl~~rl','');|WARGO, MEREDITH]]Source: **|jdb~~anhjnh||ss~~JN "Dog World"||sl~~jh','');|Dog World**; 01/04/2010, Vol. 95 Issue 4, p36-39, 4pDocument Type: ArticleSubject Terms: [[javascript:doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "FORENSIC sciences"||sl~~rl','');|FORENSIC sciences]]
[[javascript:doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "DNA"||sl~~rl','');|DNA]]
doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "DOGS"||sl~~rl','');|DOGS]]
[[javascript:doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "FECES"||sl~~rl','');|FECES]]
doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "URINE"||sl~~rl','');|URINE]]
[[javascript:doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "VETERINARY forensic medicine"||sl~~rl','');|VETERINARY forensic medicine]]
doLinkPostBack('','ss~~DE "MERCK, Melinda D."||sl~~rl','');|MERCK, Melinda D.]]Abstract: The article discusses the use of canine deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in forensics. It explains that animal DNA can be attained through fur, saliva, teeth, blood, urine, and even chew toys. The cases solved by University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) are cited, including one when the dog urinated on the tire of the suspect's pickup truck and another when the dog excrement was found on the bottom of a murder suspect's shoe. Melinda D. Merck commented on animal-cruelty cases. Information on the Purdue University is given. INSET: A Case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.ISSN: 0012-4893Accession Number: 48240461Persistent link to this record (Permalink): Database: Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre

- Dina came up with some ideas about what we could do hand on.
ideas such as; volunteering at the rspca with a couple of people - and feed back on it. also, we could make a website on helping to stop animal cruelty, etc... another
The address for the closest RSPCA: 172 Morphett Street, Adelaide, SA. 5001

Week 7.
Dina made a blog. such an amazing idea. hear hear!

On friday we searched some stuff on the net. - i typed on google, "quotes on animal abuse".
there were some very inspirational quotes. one for example is this:
"Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. " ~George Orwell, Animal Farm
--i personally really like this one because it pretty much points out the problem. it's saying that humans are the only animal/mammal, etc that doesnt give anything to another creature, yet he over powers all creation.--

Also, ms mcinnes gave me an article on neglect in a zoo to do with Siberian tigers. - this gave me ideas of maybe doing some more research on abuse or miss-treating in zoos. preferably in australian zoo's though.
- http://oz-stopanimalcruelty.blogspot.com/"
above is the site to the blogsite dina has created.

Week 8.
Some, well most work is to be handed up on Friday..